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Delvcam Replacement Battery for the SPORTSCAM-1 & SPORTSCAM4K

The Delvcam DELV-SPORTSBATT 900mAh rechargeable battery provides 1.5 hours of continuous recording time using the Delvcam Delvcam SPORTSCAM-1. Charging time is 3.5 hours. To charge the battery: 1.Connect the camera to a computer or USB power supply. 2.The Charging Status Light remains ON while the…

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Delvcam Dual 7 Inch 3RU VGA & DVI & Composite LCD Video Monitor

" Super-reliable and low-cost dual 7"" rackmount IPS LCD monitors featuring DVI/VGA/Composite inputs pair broadcast performance with multi-format flexibility including a wide range of supported resolutions! The Delvcam DELV-2LCD7-CVGAD monitor is perfect for TV News Production, Live Events, Post…


Delvcam DELV-HD7 HDMI / VGA / Composite 16x9 Camera Top 7-Inch IPS LCD Monitor

"The Perfect Portable Answer for the Field and Studio Environment. The Delvcam DELV-HD7 is focused on bringing cost-effective portable HDMI LCD monitors to the broadcast industry. It features HDMI & VGA inputs, as well as composite video and audio inputs, in a rugged high performance chassis. It's…

Part # DELV-HD7
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Power Supply Cable Strip/Tin Bare to HR4S Plug 6 Foot

Power Supply Cable Strip/Tin Bare to HR4S Plug 6 Foot


Delvcam Broadcast 3GHD/SD Multiformat Dual 7-Inch Rackmount Video Monitor

"Super Reliable and Low-Cost 3G-HD Broadcast Performance with Multiformat Flexibility! The Delvcam DELV-2LCD7-3GHD brings 3G-HD broadcast quality & multiformat flexibility together in a low-cost rackmount video production monitor. With dual 7"" IPS screens, SD, HDMI, HD and 3G-SDI multiformat…

Part # DELV-2LCD7-3GHD
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Delvcam DELV-3GHD-17RD 17.3 inch 1RU Rack Drawer 3G-SDI Video Monitor with Cross Conversion

" The Delvcam DELV-3GHD-17RD 17"" rack drawer monitoring system is destined to become the central nervous system of your studio and production environments. Its built-in HDMI-SDI cross conversion is perfect for KVM system integration while the built-in audio metering and vector scope will simplify…

Part # DELV-3GHD-17RD
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Delvcam AC-DC Power Supply 12VDC/2Amp Output to XL4F

Delv AC-DC Power Supply 12VDC/2Amp Output to XL4F. Also available: AC-DC Power Supply 12VDC/4Amp Output to XL4F AC-DC Power Supply 12VDC/3300mA Output to XL4F

Part # DELV-PWR12V-2A

Delvcam DELV-HD7-4K 4K Compatible 1080P 7-Inch 1920x1200 Camera Top LCD Monitor with OSD Audio Metering

" The Delvcam DELV-HD7-4K delivers all the next-gen features you need for independent film, field production or live event camera-top monitoring. This 7"" HDMI monitor is fully 4K/UHD compatible delivering crystal clear images as well as embedded audio metering giving you complete confidence in all…

Part # DELV-HD7-4K
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Delvcam DELV-3GHD-PS Replacement Power Supply for the Delvcam DELV-2LCD7-3GHD Dual 7-Inch Rackmount Video Monitor

The DELV-3GHD-PS is the replacement power supply accessory for the Delvcam DELV-2LCD7-3GHD dual 7-inch rackmount video monitor.

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